Recipe Tuesday – Daily Tip #134

RecipeTuesdayWith the heat, it has kind of kicked my butt and taken away any creative energy I may have stored away. So instead of a recipe, I’m going to share our weekly meal plan with you. Every Saturday morning, we get Bountiful Baskets. It’s great because I can get all of our produce taken care of with this one basket, or at least mostly. Then I’ll meal plan around produce to ensure we use most if not all of it. I hate wasting any of it, and sometimes end up giving anything extra that I may have to my aunt or a neighbor. Once I get the meals all planned out, I go grocery shopping and get it all taken care of for the week on Saturday afternoon. I’ve finally managed to only go to the store once a week, which is great! I used to go 3-5 times a week which gets expensive and time-consuming. So here is our meal plan for the week with breakfast consisting mostly of whole wheat bread, eggs, and fruit. Then our lunches consist of leftovers from the night before usually:

Saturday – We ate out because we were busy with a soccer tournament, yard work, and grocery shopping.

Sunday – Hot dogs, brats, homemade pasta salad, and corn on the cob

Monday – Pineapple Orange pork roast with rice and broccoli

Tuesday – Balsamic Chicken served over rice

Wednesday – Rotini pasta with kielbasa and veggies (zucchini, yellow squash, and bell peppers)

Thursday – Corned beef and cabbage

Fridays are kind of our leave the week behind kind of day, so I try to leave it open for either a meal that we may have to postpone if one of the weekdays gets a little crazy or even a meal we may eat out. Taking a break from the kitchen is nice, but I love when we can make at least 6 of our dinners at home each week. Then on Saturday, I start all over again!

How do you plan out your meals for the week?


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