Relax on Sunday – Daily Tip #146

RelaxonSundaySundays have always been one of my favorite days of the week. We don’t have anything planned usually, and if we do it’s some sort of family activity. Last Sunday we went fishing with my cousin and his 2 sons. It was so fun. Utah has an abundance of canyons that are filled with lakes, reservoirs, and rivers. It’s so nice having nature a short drive away. It was so nice not having cell phone service and just relaxing.

We packed a bunch of snacks, hot dogs, and drinks and headed up bright and early. The kids were troopers and in a good mood most of the time. We got up to the reservoir early while it was still pretty cool up in the mountains. We were able to wear hoodies (MY FAVORITE)! We got our poles all set up and the kids needed a lot of attention. It was the first time our daughter had been fishing and she was using her brand new Disney Princess pole. It was pretty cute. My son had been a few times, but never to a reservoir like the one we were at. My husband caught 4 fish, but he released all of them. My cousin caught a few too. We ended up cooking 2 of them and sharing them. They were good and I’m anxious to go back. It was weird to think about how fresh the fish was. It was reservoir to grill within just a few hours.

We set up some camping chairs and a shade canopy and just relaxed. It was great and I really can’t wait to go again! What are some family activities that you like to do to relax?


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