WHOA! Yoga is TOUGH!!!!

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 10.37.58 AMLast night, my stepdaughter and I decided to try a yoga class. She used to play soccer, but has been unable to play due to injury for about a year. We are looking for a new stress reliever for her that also helps keep her active & injury free, so yoga seemed like a good match!

Nobody told me that yoga was hard! Nobody told me that I’d be a hot sweaty mess! And even though it’s been recommended in the past, I had NO idea how much yoga would help my hips! I hurt my hips playing basketball in high school and rather than letting the injury heal, I pushed myself to return quickly and have been paying for it for the last 16 years. But after yoga last night, my hips were loose and felt better than they have in a really long time.

We found a local place that offers yoga classes. There are a lot of options, but Monday night worked the best for us this week. The place we went is called Breathe Yoga and it was nice because the first class was FREE! I’m always excited for a deal, and this was a great one. The teacher was really great and let us know exactly what we needed to help get us set up before class started. There were definitely some positions that I tried that I was unable to complete, but it is nice that there are variations. It’ll also be cool to see what improvements both of us can make as we continue going. Our goal is to go once a week, so I’m anxious to make this happen.

Wow! Yoga is AWESOME!


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