Exercising When It’s Chilly Outside!

A couple of years ago, my son and I ran a 5K together, our first one as a team 🙂 It was so much fun, and we both really want to do another one again soon. He’s such a little athlete that plays soccer 12 months out of the year and just loves to be moving. He’s such a motivation when it comes to health and wellness. I pretty much have to be healthy to keep up with him! He’s always  concerned about what he’s eating, doesn’t like candy very much, and knows what ingredients we’d like him to avoid (aspartame, HFCS, etc.). What a sweetie! But I’m biased. But when we ran our 5K last year, it was the first big snow storm of the year in Utah. It was cold, snowy, and we had a blast running in the storm. So what are some ways to stay in shape even if it’s cold outside:

  • Just get outside and go! My favorite thing about exercising in the cold weather is that I get to layer up and it’s easy to cool down a bit if you get overheated by removing one of your layers.
  • If you live near a ski resort, try snowboarding or skiing if you don’t do this already.
  • Snowshowing. If you have an area near by that is safe and covered in snow, strap on some snowshoes and go! Being out and about in a large field can give you a different perspective of the land when it is covered by snow. Try to remember what was there before it was completely covered.
  • If you absolutely HATE being cold, get a gym membership. Our local rec. center offers a pass for a family of 4 for around $45.00/month. This includes use of their gym, track, racquetball courts, and indoor pool. Most rec. centers offer a lot of items with their memberships, some can even include classes.
  • Have a workout buddy! If you are losing motivation fast, find a friend that is equally as motivated to start working out with. That way you won’t want to cancel on them and vice versa. Just because it’s the winter doesn’t mean you should become inactive. No hibernating here!
  • Cross country skiing. This is also fun if you have access to a large piece of snow-covered land. Who knows, you might see some animals out there that you won’t typically see when it’s a little warmer outside.
  • Snowball fight! Who says exercise has to be boring. Get you and your family out there and have a snowball fight! Or go sledding! Have you tried hiking up a big hill covered in snow. You’ll feel the burn in your legs quickly! Make the most of it and try running up the hills after you sled down.

What are you favorite ways to stay in shape when it’s cold outside?


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