What Does 2000 Calories Really Look Like


The average American eats approximately 2000 calories per day.  On average men eat 2640 calories per day and women eat 1785 per day. This can vary depending on daily physical activity, occupation, where they live, and other outside factors. But what does 2000 calories really look like when it’s compared between junk food and whole, natural foods. Here is a little something to think about:

Some surprising and not so surprising calorie contents:

1 lb Oreos – 2200 calories
1 lb strawberry licorice – 1536 calories
1 lb potato chips – 2400 calories
1 lb French fries – 1440 calories
1 lb Swiss cheese – 1724 calories

Now that you have an idea about how many calories are in some of the regular food items that you may eat, here are some of the calories found in some whole, natural foods that you may also eat:

1 lb 2% cottage cheese
2 lbs cantaloupe
1 lb apples
1 lb tofu
1 lb kale
2 lbs celery
1 lb lettuce
1 lb carrots
1 lb papaya
1 lb onion
2 lbs cucumber
*** All of these items added up together equal 2225 calories!!!!!

So when comparing the two lists you can see that whole, natural foods tend to have a lower calorie content than pre-packaged, processed foods. If your goal is to lose weight, we would recommend pairing any of the Vital Mend weight loss products such as the Vital + Diet Drops, Green Coffee, Garcinia Cambogia, African Mango, or Raspberry Ketones, with a diet rich in whole, natural foods for optimal results. You’ll be able to eat more food, weigh less, and still be satisfied. Next time you go for a quick snack, think of the calorie content between a couple of cookies and an apple. Go for the apple with an 8oz glass of water!

You can view an article I wrote about 2000 calorie comparison here – http://www.vitalmend.com/a-close-look-at-2000-calories/#.Uch56OvEjgU


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