10 Tips To Boost Your Mood

keep-calm-and-boost-your-moodWith the winter months coming, everyone could use a positive mood boost! Here are 10 tips that will help boost your mood.

1. Cut out the junk food. You’ll have a more steady mood throughout the day with less sugar and caffeine. For healthy snack, look to fresh fruit & veggies, whole grains, and nuts.

2. Get plenty of sleep. Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day will help you create an easy to keep routine. Shoot for at least 6 hours, but more ideally 7-8 hours would be best.

3. Smile & Be Positive. If you can’t seem to get out of your funk, try smiling and thinking of something positive. Get a little jar and put positive thoughts in it. When you are feeling down, revisit this jar and see all that you have to be grateful for.

4. Open the blinds. Let the sun shine in, or at least the natural light.

5. Get A Pet. If you haven’t seen Kitten Therapy yet, then you need to. If this doesn’t make you want a pet, nothing else will.

6. Take Up A Hobby. If you tend to get bored which then leads to a crappy mood, look into a hobby that goes along with the things you enjoy. It could be anything from knitting, exercising, drawing, cooking, or whatever you feel like! This is your time, take advantage!

7. Exercise Regularly. Try to exercise a minimum of 150 minutes a week. That is 5 times per week, 30 minutes each time. Or even shoot for 4 times per week, 40 minutes each time.

8. Don’t Over Schedule Yourself. Bad moods can be the cause of too much on your plate. Try delegating to relieve some of that stress. If that’s not an option, see if you can spread the things out a little more during the week.

9. Keep A Routine. Back to the getting enough sleep and going to bed and waking up at the same time. A routine will help keep stress levels balanced and in the process it will boost your mood.

10. Make Your Bed. Yeah, it’s just a bed and you’re just going to sleep in it later tonight anyway, but making the bed creates a sense of calmness in your bedroom, where there should be no stress. Make it your sanctuary. Start this by making your bed.


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