Benefits Of Coconut

Benefits Of CoconutI am still continuing to do the Bountiful Baskets weekly, but now I rotate every 3 weeks with 2 of our neighbors. This has made it nice so I’m not waking up early every Saturday, just every 3rd Saturday. But I still get a ton of produce at an affordable price. This last weekend, our Bountiful Basket contained 2 coconuts. I had no idea what I was going to do with them, but we made the most out of them!

My husband drilled a hole in each coconut and drained the coconut water. The other coconuts we’ve had didn’t contain a lot of fluid, but these ones each filled up a pint sized mason jar on their own. The coconut water was sweet and delicious. I drank one of the jars of coconut water, and put the other in the fridge, which I’ll be drinking today. Success! Then my husband ended up breaking them in half so I could get the coconut meat out of there. I used a spoon to dig it out because it was pretty soft. I placed all the meat in a bowl and let it dry out just a little bit on the counter, picking out any pieces of the hard shell that made their way in. A few hours later, I put the coconut meat in my food processor and using the attachment that looks like a cheese shredder, I shredded up the coconut meat. Now it’s sitting in the dehydrator, and soon I’ll have dehydrated coconut shreds, which will be great for cooking with. Maybe the coconut chicken recipe that I have on here will work out well! Plus there are no added ingredients like the coconut you find in the store, that typically has sugar added. This is just coconut! The fun thing about the dehydrator is that it makes the house smell like whatever is inside of it, which isn’t nice if you’re making jerky. But the coconut smell makes me think I live in the tropics, rather the mountains.

Glad I found something to do with these coconuts rather than letting them go bad.


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