Roasted Butternut Squash

Roasted Butternut Squasy

Roasted Butternut SquasyLast week, we had some smaller butternut squash that I wasn’t sure how we were going to use them. I bet you can’t guess where I got them from…. That’s right, Bountiful Basket. I decided to use a little bit of creativity and come up with a new recipe for them. I’ve really only had butternut squash soup, so I was anxious to try it a different way:

2 small butternut squash or 1 large
1 TBSP canola oil
salt & pepper to taste
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp thyme

Heat oil in a large frying pan. When warm, add squash and seasonings. Saute on medium heat until they reach your desired texture. I cooked mine for about 30 minutes.

This is also great to have for leftovers. In the morning, add some scrambled eggs to it and you’ve got a nice and delicious breakfast.


How Are My Goals For 2015 Coming Along – Part 1

Alright – here’s an update on my goals. This helps hold me keep myself accountable, and hopefully allows you to make a few goals for yourself too!

1 – Post 1-2 new recipes per week. You can view some of my older recipes HEREI’ve been trying more and more new recipes, and have actually been posting them too! The spaghetti squash bowls were definitely a hit!

2 – Write a blog post 1-2 times per week. I haven’t been doing great on this, but have posted a few, so it’s a small victory.

3 – Start running again. I haven’t started on this yet. I wasn’t feeling great the last 1-2 weeks, but I plan on starting this next week. My son is out of school for the next 2 weeks, so it might be time to take advantage of his age and have him watch his sister while I go out for a quick walk/run.

4 – I started a new hobby thanks to Christmas. Still working on this new hobby. Details to come once I get it going a bit more.

5 – Finish the HUGE knitted blanket that I started almost 3 years ago. This is actually coming along better than expected. I only have 1 1/2 more panels to make, then I can start crocheting it together. I am SO excited to finally complete it, but a little sad too to see it come to an end.









6 – Slowly stockpile our food supply. I haven’t done this yet, but will start to make a plan soon to get this stocked up.

7 – Get the kid’s rooms organized, once and for all! The playroom has been organized. WOO HOO! This week, my son is going to organize his room in exchange for a new video game. Seems like a win win. I’ll be working on my daughter’s room soon. It definitely needs it.

8 – Turn health coaching into more a career than a fun hobby. I have a ton of knowledge thanks to my schooling, but this knowledge should be shared. 🙂 Time to get out there and make a difference. – STILL HAVEN’T STARTED.

9 – With my day job, I’m now a copy editor for a popular website. DONE! Posted prices on here and also posted it so all of my health coaching contacts can see it. 🙂

10 – Take a nice vacation with the family in the summer. We have a vacation spot picked out so now we just have to make this happen! – Still just waiting for the time to come. Hopefully it all works out.

11 – Stop stressing. Even though I am prone to stress, I am going to try taking a step back, and really try to relax. Our family is constantly on the run between soccer, work, dance, and everything else, it’s time to take a moment and just relax. – I feel like we’ve been slowing down a little bit. It’s nice. We went fishing last weekend and spent some quality time together as a family.

12 – Get more date nights with my husband! We managed to go on a date night in January, dinner and a movie. With February half way over, we will see if we can get another one in before the end of the month. Here’s to hoping.

Spaghetti Squash Bowls

Spaghetti Squash Bowls

Spaghetti Squash BowlsI don’t know about you, but I LOVE spaghetti squash. Normally I’ll either boil or bake it until soft, then remove the squash into a bowl and toss with salt, pepper, and a little bit of butter. But this time, I wanted to try something new. We had two spaghetti squashes from our Bountiful Basket and I had kept putting off making them. They last longer than some of our other vegetables, so if something came up, that was the meal that was postponed since I wasn’t worried about the squash going bad. After going online and trying to find a different way of cooking them, I discovered this:

Spaghetti Squash Bowls

2 spaghetti squash, cut in half and seeds removed
1 cup of spaghetti sauce
1/2 pound of cooked Italian sausage (I chose the hot version to add some spice, since only my husband and I would be eating this)
Mozzarella cheese

After cutting the squash in half and removing the seeds, I sprinkled them with salt and pepper. I cooked them at 375 for 45 minutes open side down, until soft. Then I used a fork to remove the insides while still leaving it in the shell. I then added 1/4 cup of spaghetti sauce to each, along with Italian sausage. Once that was added, I mixed it up inside the shell with a fork. Once mixed well, I topped with a little bit of mozzarella cheese, and baked again at 375 for about 15 minutes.

These turned out really well and were relatively easy. It was a nice change of pace from our typical baked spaghetti squash side. Instead we turned it into a main course. I am excited to try this again with other options mixed inside the spaghetti squash.

Bountiful Basket Rainbow Dinner!

Bountiful Basket Rainbow Dinner

Bountiful Basket Rainbow DinnerOne of the many, many things I like about Bountiful Baskets is that I tend to get fruits and vegetables that I typically won’t buy. Lately we’ve gotten a couple young coconuts which are full of coconut water (one of my favorites). We’ve gotten kiwi, squash, and more. But one of my all time favorite things that we get on occasion are the blue potatoes. I honestly had no idea they were even a thing until we got a bag full of them about a year ago. I was so excited when we got them again this last weekend. Not only do they taste really good, but they brighten up the dinner plate and the kids love them because they are fun, rather than boring mashed potatoes.

For this meal, I decided to make it as colorful as possible. I steamed some sliced zucchini (also from Bountiful Baskets), then baked boneless skinless pork chops at 350 until done, and added a side of blue mashed potatoes. And yes they are blue, but when they get mashed and mixed in with a little sour cream, they look more purple than anything.

With mashed potatoes, I peel half of them and leave half with the skin on. I wash them off well, scrubbing if needed. Then I slice them into about 1 inch pieces and put in a large pot. I cover with water and boil on high until they are tender. I check the tenderness with a fork before removing them from the heat. I empty them out in a colander and put them in a large bowl. I will add a couple of tablespoons of sour cream and about 1/2 cup of water. Then using my hand mixer, I blend until smooth and fluffy. Then serve! I like to add a little bit of prepared horseradish to my serving of mashed potatoes to give them a little kick. The blue potatoes cook exactly like regular Idaho or russet potatoes, but they are great for mashing because they seem to have a creamier texture than even red potatoes.

These are definitely one of our favorites, and I can’t wait until we get more in our Bountiful Basket!

Review Of Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Spread

Reese's Influenster Review

Reese's Influenster ReviewI know that we are supposed to be all about eating healthy, but I had an opportunity to try the new Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Spread, and let me tell you what! It was awesome! I’m not a HUGE peanut butter fan. I like it, but I don’t love it. My husband on the other hand loves peanut butter, so when I got this in the mail, he was pretty excited. I do have to mention that I did receive this product for free through Influenster, but I’m not being paid for my review in any way.

So when we opened it, I was expecting something along the lines of Nutella. Granted it’s peanut butter chocolate rather than hazelnut, but my mind tricked me into thinking it was Nutella. Honestly this stuff was better than Nutella. I liked the flavor a ton! We tried it on apples, bananas, graham crackers, and saltines. My favorite way to eat it was on the saltines and the apples. We’ve had a few friends come over since we received this jar and we have made them taste it as well because it was just that good! I will definitely be buying this a little more. I’m thinking of trying to make it into some sort of frosting on a chocolate cake… maybe for a birthday cake of some kind. I’m all about moderation, so this will be a staple in our cupboard for sure, and I’ll make sure to be eating it with some healthier options like apples as a quick mid-day snack.

What type of food would you want to try this with? Would you want it with sweets or healthier foods? What’s your favorite chocolate peanut butter mix? Let me know in the comments below! And I can’t wait to see what my next Influester box will hold.

Editing For Health Coaches Now Available

Editing For Health Coaches | Elite Health Coaching

Editing For Health Coaches | Elite Health Coaching

I am so excited to offer a new service to health coaches and writers alike! With my day job, I’m a copy editor for a very popular website. I have come to love this job and found that I really like to edit, write, and proofread! I have over 5 years of editing, proofreading, and writing experience, and I want to share this with other people who may need these services. So here it goes.


My prices are very comparable, plus I have the experience to back it up! I’ve written three recipe books. I’ve had numerous articles published on MindBodyGreen, American Health Journal, Curejoy, and more!

Manuscript pages contain 250 words per page per industry standard.

Basic Copy Editing: 5-10 manuscript pages per hour – $30/hour
Heavy Copy Editing: 2-5 manuscript pages per hour – $40/hour
Website Copy Editing: $40/hour

PROOFREADING: 9-13 manuscript pages per hour – $30/hour

WRITING (Will provide 1-3 manuscript pages per hour):
These services are $40.00 per hour. I specialize in health and wellness and news articles. However if there is something specific you are looking for, I’m more than happy to collaborate to get you exactly what you need and what you are looking for.

I am located in Utah, but thanks to the wonderful world wide web, we are able to communicate and work with people all over the world. Once you submit for a quote, we will work together on deadlines, ideas, and anything else you are looking for to make your project the absolute best that it can be! All payments are handled through PayPal payable to I am here to help and want you to be successful in all of your ventures.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, please let me know by filling out the contact information below! I look forward to working with you.

Shredded Pork Burritos

Shredded Pork Burritos | Elite Health Coaching

Shredded Pork Burritos | Elite Health CoachingDuring the week, we get a little busy with soccer, dance, work, and every other activity that comes to mind. Even when we are busy, I try to make the most out of meal time. I don’t want to be reliant on fast food places, even if that is what the kids want. I still want to have healthier meal options, rather than using our schedule as an excuse. This is a quick and easy meal that you can set and forget, because it’s made in a crock pot!

4lb pork loin
1 can of your favorite Mexican beer (I went for Tecate)
1 TBSP cumin
1 tsp basil
1 tsp onion powder
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp paprika
1 tsp oregano

Put the pork in the crockpot, top with seasonings, then pour beer into the crock pot. Cook on low for about 6-8 hours, or high for 3-4 hours. Remove the pork when done and shred. We put the pork in a Tortillaland tortilla (our favorite), along with some cheese. Then I rolled it up, put a little more cheese on top and microwaved for 30 seconds. Once the cheese was melted, I topped this with hot sauce, sour cream, olives, avocado, lettuce, tomato, and radishes. It was like a salad on top of my burrito and it was great!

What are some of your go to meals when you are super busy but don’t want to eat out? Eating out can be expensive, so having healthier meal options at home is a great way to save money and also know exactly what is going into your food. It’s hard wanting your kids to be active, but then following up a meal with fried chicken or $1 burgers. I love to meal plan because this makes it easier for me to plan ahead and be prepared for those super busy days!