How Are My Goals For 2015 Coming Along – Part 1

Alright – here’s an update on my goals. This helps hold me keep myself accountable, and hopefully allows you to make a few goals for yourself too!

1 – Post 1-2 new recipes per week. You can view some of my older recipes HEREI’ve been trying more and more new recipes, and have actually been posting them too! The spaghetti squash bowls were definitely a hit!

2 – Write a blog post 1-2 times per week. I haven’t been doing great on this, but have posted a few, so it’s a small victory.

3 – Start running again. I haven’t started on this yet. I wasn’t feeling great the last 1-2 weeks, but I plan on starting this next week. My son is out of school for the next 2 weeks, so it might be time to take advantage of his age and have him watch his sister while I go out for a quick walk/run.

4 – I started a new hobby thanks to Christmas. Still working on this new hobby. Details to come once I get it going a bit more.

5 – Finish the HUGE knitted blanket that I started almost 3 years ago. This is actually coming along better than expected. I only have 1 1/2 more panels to make, then I can start crocheting it together. I am SO excited to finally complete it, but a little sad too to see it come to an end.









6 – Slowly stockpile our food supply. I haven’t done this yet, but will start to make a plan soon to get this stocked up.

7 – Get the kid’s rooms organized, once and for all! The playroom has been organized. WOO HOO! This week, my son is going to organize his room in exchange for a new video game. Seems like a win win. I’ll be working on my daughter’s room soon. It definitely needs it.

8 – Turn health coaching into more a career than a fun hobby. I have a ton of knowledge thanks to my schooling, but this knowledge should be shared. 🙂 Time to get out there and make a difference. – STILL HAVEN’T STARTED.

9 – With my day job, I’m now a copy editor for a popular website. DONE! Posted prices on here and also posted it so all of my health coaching contacts can see it. 🙂

10 – Take a nice vacation with the family in the summer. We have a vacation spot picked out so now we just have to make this happen! – Still just waiting for the time to come. Hopefully it all works out.

11 – Stop stressing. Even though I am prone to stress, I am going to try taking a step back, and really try to relax. Our family is constantly on the run between soccer, work, dance, and everything else, it’s time to take a moment and just relax. – I feel like we’ve been slowing down a little bit. It’s nice. We went fishing last weekend and spent some quality time together as a family.

12 – Get more date nights with my husband! We managed to go on a date night in January, dinner and a movie. With February half way over, we will see if we can get another one in before the end of the month. Here’s to hoping.


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