Weight Loss Challenge – Day 1

Weight Loss Challenge

Weight Loss ChallengeAt my day-job, they’ve decided to do a weight loss challenge. The prize is pretty awesome, but I figured even if I don’t win, it’ll be good to lose some weight. My husband and I work together, so we are both on board which makes it 1000x easier! The challenge starts today and goes for 4 weeks, so I’ll be documenting my loss and also a few recipes here and there during the next 28 days! I am pretty excited about this challenge which will mostly include a lot of juicing, salads for lunch, and a balanced dinner. Our dinners are pretty balanced as is, but I’m hoping by getting 3 square meals a day, it’ll help get our snacking under control, which is where all of our extra calories seem to come from. I’m definitely not starving myself but I’ll be focusing on eating whole, natural foods,  which in turn will help me lose weight, brighten my skin, detox my system, and improve my sleep! So here’s to day 1 of the 28 day challenge. Wish me luck! 🙂


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