Weight Loss Challenge – Day 12

Weight Loss Challenge - Day 12

Weight Loss Challenge - Day 12Ahhhhh….. the weekend is almost here! Another weekend of lounging around the house, cleaning up for spring, buying a new lawnmower because ours decided to explode, and of course, healthy eating!

Today’s juice will consist of 2 grapefruit & 2 kiwis. I got our Bountiful Basket last night and was excited to see some mangoes and cantaloupe in there, along with some oranges. We were picking up Saturday mornings, but we found one that is Thursday evening and it seems to work out better for everyone. And it’s nice being able to sleep in on Saturday mornings when we don’t have soccer.

What are your plans for the weekend? I’m determined to finish my blanket! I only have one long side left that needs a border and then I AM DONE! After 3 years of making it, I’m sad to see the project end, but now I’ll have time for other projects, so that’s fun. And the family and I are going to try to go fishing either tonight or tomorrow night. We have a small fishing pond near our house, and thanks to a kind teenager, he let us know the fish never bite in the morning, when we usually go, only in the evening! Well maybe we can get some dinner then!



  1. How do you keep yourself motivated, today I’ve started a new blog about my journey into weight loss from a total novice, and I find it difficult to eat well, also do you have any general blog tips to get people to read your work

    • I just try to eat healthy and clean. For me, the fewer ingredients the better. I don’t like feeling deprived. Yes I get cravings, but you have to learn to power through them. Oftentimes if you are truly craving something, your body is lacking in other areas. I am also a certified health coach, so I was trained on how to deal with emotional eating, unhealthy eating, healthy weight loss, etc.

      Regarding the blog, just be consistent. 🙂 Try to get it out to as many people as possible.

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