Weight Loss Challenge – Day 15

Weight Loss Challenge - Day 15

Weight Loss Challenge - Day 15This seemed like a great Day 15 picture, because of the quote that was included! Man, oh man! Was Easter hard!!!! Surrounded by some of my favorite candy, but we held strong. Also the street we live on does an Easter egg hunt for all of the neighbor kids. Last year we all hung out for about an hour, called it good, and went our separate ways. Well this year, it turned into a 4 hour hang out session, which was great, but everyone was enjoying mimosas and cocktails except for us. That took some serious will power considering I’m a sucker for a mimosa! I would honestly drink them all day if I could. But nope! My husband and I held SUPER strong! I even came in the house and made us a fresh juice and went back outside to drink it. It was fun hanging out with all of the neighbors, but a holiday is a terrible time for a weight loss challenge. 🙂 But that’s alright, it’s over and done with. And considering all of the candy the kids got, there will definitely be some left over in 2 weeks. But we are on Day 15 now. Only 2 more weeks left, so let’s see how this goes. We have a mid-challenge weigh in today. I’m feeling pretty good. Hopefully the scale agrees.


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