How To Eat Healthy During BBQ Season

imagesSummer is coming to an end, which means we will all be squeezing in lots of BBQ’s before Fall and Winter arrive! So how can you stick to your healthy diet while not feeling like an outcast? Here are some tips for you to use so you too can eat healthy during BBQ season:

Bring a healthy side dish. Most hosts will ask guests to bring a side dish or dessert when coming to a BBQ. Make something that you enjoy and that you know is healthy.
Eat small portions of the foods that you want to try. By eating small portions, you’ll get a taste of everything without completely filling yourself up.
Drink your water! By staying hydrated, you’ll curb any cravings that might creep up. You’ll also have a feeling of fullness more so than if you were drinking alcohol, soda, etc. Plus water has 0 calories! Can’t beat that!
If you want, bring your own meat. If you know the host is going to be cooking burgers, ribs, or an item that isn’t part of your healthy diet, bring your own marinated chicken breast, or other lean protein. Most hosts will not mind cooking up your meal for you, or you can cook it yourself once the host is done using the BBQ.
Eat until you have a full feeling, but don’t over indulge. Once you are feeling bloated, you ate too much! Really focus on chewing your food and hone in on your fullness. Eating slowly will make it easier for you to feel not so full because you’ll recognize this point faster.
Eat a small snack before going to the BBQ. By showing up starving at a BBQ, we tend to graze in addition to eating our meal. When you get to the BBQ feeling satisfied, you won’t graze and can enjoy the one meal you planned on eating.


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