How To Eat Healthy During BBQ Season

imagesSummer is coming to an end, which means we will all be squeezing in lots of BBQ’s before Fall and Winter arrive! So how can you stick to your healthy diet while not feeling like an outcast? Here are some tips for you to use so you too can eat healthy during BBQ season:

Bring a healthy side dish. Most hosts will ask guests to bring a side dish or dessert when coming to a BBQ. Make something that you enjoy and that you know is healthy.
Eat small portions of the foods that you want to try. By eating small portions, you’ll get a taste of everything without completely filling yourself up.
Drink your water! By staying hydrated, you’ll curb any cravings that might creep up. You’ll also have a feeling of fullness more so than if you were drinking alcohol, soda, etc. Plus water has 0 calories! Can’t beat that!
If you want, bring your own meat. If you know the host is going to be cooking burgers, ribs, or an item that isn’t part of your healthy diet, bring your own marinated chicken breast, or other lean protein. Most hosts will not mind cooking up your meal for you, or you can cook it yourself once the host is done using the BBQ.
Eat until you have a full feeling, but don’t over indulge. Once you are feeling bloated, you ate too much! Really focus on chewing your food and hone in on your fullness. Eating slowly will make it easier for you to feel not so full because you’ll recognize this point faster.
Eat a small snack before going to the BBQ. By showing up starving at a BBQ, we tend to graze in addition to eating our meal. When you get to the BBQ feeling satisfied, you won’t graze and can enjoy the one meal you planned on eating.


Weight Loss Challenge – Day 9

Weight Loss Challenge - Day 9

Weight Loss Challenge - Day 9I weighed in yesterday and I am currently down 6.5lbs. A lot of this was probably water weight as I was feeling SUPER bloated when we started the challenge, but I also think a lot of it has to do with just eating 100% better. We are juicing daily, lots of salads for lunch without all the bad for you good stuff, and eating our normal well rounded dinners. It’s been a good change and while I miss some food, it hasn’t been too bad at all. I’m looking forward to making permanent long term changes after the challenge.

We have a group weight in next Monday to see what we’ve all lost 2 weeks in, then there are only 2 weeks to go after that. Very excited!

Weight Loss Challenge – Day 8

Weight Loss Challenge - Day 8

Weight Loss Challenge - Day 8So the weekend has come and gone. It was a good weekend. We were able to get a lot of family time in, which was very needed after a busy week last week.

The weight loss challenge is going well. I haven’t weighed myself since Wednesday, but I definitely feel flatter in my belly so that’s nice. We’ve been having a fresh juice every day so far and it’s been really, really nice. My skin has cleared up a lot, I’m not so bloated, and I’m feeling overall, really good. We plan on keeping up the juicing daily even after the challenge is over, because we like how it makes us feel.

I’ll weigh myself today to see what progress has been made. I am not really feeling like I’m depriving myself at all, but I am craving some little junk foods like the Girl Scout Cookies sitting patiently in the cupboard. Hopefully they’ll be there when we are done. And if not, there is always next year!

Kitchen Staples

Screen-shot-2012-04-23-at-11.40.29-AMHaving a fully stocked kitchen makes it much easier to prepare healthy meals at home. By cooking at home as much as I can, I can really focus on what we are putting on our table, the ingredients used, and the maximum amount of nutrients we can get out of each meal. When you have to run to the store every day for something new, it can be costly and inconvenient. Here is a list of my basic kitchen staples:


  • white and brown rice
  • quinoa
  • couscous
  • pasta
  • coconut milk
  • diced tomatoes
  • sugar
  • Sugar in the Raw
  • agave nectar
  • flour
  • cornmeal
  • steel cut oats
  • all natural peanut butter
  • dried beans (garbanzo, pinto, and black)
  • bread crumbs
  • almond milk
  • wide variety of spices (as soon as I use one up, I write it on my list to make sure I don’t forget next time I’m at the store)
  • oil (canola, olive, and coconut)
  • honey
  • vinegar (apple cider & white)


  • almond milk
  • regular milk
  • eggs
  • carrots
  • celery
  • grapes
  • all natural cheese
  • lemon & lime juice
  • condiments such as mustard, organic ketchup, vegannaise, Worcestershire sauce
  • oranges
  • apples
  • strawberries
  • raspberries
  • frozen peas
  • yeast

I usually go grocery shopping once a week. I plan out my meals ahead of time, usually for 5-7 days depending on our weekly activities. If we have soccer, school performances, or something else, I make sure that I write that down on the calendar so it isn’t forgotten, and I know that we weren’t planning on cooking at home that night. As much as I’d really love to cook at home 100% of the time, it’s not feasible when we are running around with so many activities. But by making the most out of what I cook at home, I feel much better when we have no choice but to make a quick stop for lunch and dinner. Check out this article I wrote about meal planning and how I do it –

How to Get Started on an Exercise Program

This is an exciting post. Not just because it’s about exercising (enter sarcasm here), but it’s my 100th post on my blog!!! Who knew that I would/could have so much to write about. Thank you to everyone who has supported the blog and me in this new journey 🙂

testrunsfeb500x310Alright, now back to the main topic, How to Get Started on an Exercise Program! So the first of 2013 has come and gone. It’s mid-January and you’ve yet to start an exercise program. Or maybe you have, but you are getting bored of the exercises. Here are a few tips to keep you going with what you’ve already started or to help you get going with what you want to do:

– Find an exercise that you really enjoy. I have personally found a new love of running. I absolutely HATED running in high school. I played basketball since 3rd grade, and whenever we had to run the mile during practice in high school, I dreaded every second of it. I’m not fast, I never had a sports bra that fit well, and I hated to run. As I got older, I would see people running outside and they always looked so peaceful. I figured why not give it a try. We moved into a new house that had a treadmill readily available, so I didn’t want it to sit there collecting dust. I started running and fell in love! 🙂 I’m in the process of getting back to running after a slight knee injury, but whenever I run I feel motivated to push myself a little bit further. On that note, running is NOT for everybody! I was talking with my mom this weekend, and we both said that the best way to stay on track with exercising is finding something that you thoroughly enjoy whether that is running, aerobics, riding a bike, yoga, spin classes, etc. Find something that you love. And if you find yourself getting bored, try something new. Who knows, it may be your new obsession!

– Schedule exercise into your day. I literally have to schedule exercise into my daily activities or else I won’t do it. I have a list of everything I need to get done on a daily basis, and if I don’t put exercise on there, I either forget about it or make up excuses as to why I’m too busy to follow through. Having it on my list and being able to cross it off when I’m done is gratifying.

– Set realistic goals and stick to them. A lot of us are guilty of setting goals that are out of range. For example, saying I am going to run 50 miles a week, I know it’s not going to get done. Set goals where you can start small, and work your way up. Maybe it’s something like, I want to eventually work out 5 days a week for 30 minutes each time. Start with 3 days a week. Once you get the hang of that, increase to 4 days a week, and eventually work your way up to 5 days a week. By getting over zealous in our goals, we can burn our body’s and our motivation out quickly.

– Find a workout buddy or an accountability partner! Some people enjoy working out alone. Others really like working out with somebody because it keeps them motivated and helps them stick to their goals. Whatever your style is, make it work. Maybe there is a neighbor who wants to start working out during the week. Schedule times where you can work out together. If you don’t feel comfortable working out with a friend or colleague, maybe a personal trainer could help you stay on track. Health coaches are also a great option to help you stay on track. For example, with my 6 month program we have a session every 2 weeks and support in between sessions. During those sessions, I can help you stay on track with your exercising and eating well. After 6 months of this process, you should be in the habit of exercising and be able to keep up on your own. If not, I’m still here to help with extended programs to help you continue on.